Sam Smith - Reminds Me of You
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Reminds Me of You - Sam Smith

And God knows I’ve tried
Looking for lovers at night
But each time I do
It only reminds me of you


Ben making confused and/or concerned eye contact with the camera


for every high school student studying for ap tests:
here are the dates
studying tips if you need help
make a to do list that actually works
block distracting websites
listen to calming sounds
go to a coffee shop to work in
make some healthy study snacks
motivate yourself to hit the books
learn pretty much everything
cram packets for every ap test
learn test taking strategies
calm down if you’re stressed
what to do when your day sucks
pull an all nighter and still be functional
be prepared the day of the test!


dont look good for anyone else but the people that dont like you


senior year of high school i had the battiest old lady for my ap lit class and we had to get up and present a poem and i totally forgot to memorize one so i got up in the front of the room and recited “hotel california” word for word with a straight face and everyone was like cracking up and the teacher gave me a hundred for being “insightful and poetic”


double major in overthinking and worry, minor in night crying 



i’m literally coming to the realization that i’m not close to anybody anymore and it sucks